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Electronic Rack Enclosure Fabrication / Server Racks produced by Kalron OhioPrecision Sheet Metal Fabrication for Electrical Enclosures - Kalron LLC Ohio


Here are just a few examples of projects we have completed, and fabrication jobs we do on a regular basis. We fabricate a variety of enclosures including:

► UPS enclosures
► Hoffman style enclosures
► Server racks and wall mount enclosures
► Transformer enclosures
► Electrical enclosures
► Powder coating control units
► Spray booths
► Dockside power posts and tool boxes
► and many more precision sheet metal fabricated products...

In addition, we fabricate an extensive variety of cosmetic panels, stands, brackets and mounting systems for these custom cabinets and for many other applications in our newly expanded state-of-the-art facility.



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